To My Son’s Kindergarten Teacher: You Are a Miracle Worker

Dear Ms. J,

While I am certainly impressed at the way you have taught my son to read, spell, add, sort, classify, sit in a chair, share, speak nicely to others, draw, paint, cooperate, line-up, walk in the hallway, pass out a snack, build, work in a group, listen, be nice and all that…I have to tell you, what I am most impressed with is how you got my son to eat lettuce.

Just the other day, he came home from school with a big, fresh picked leaf from your class garden plot in a plastic bag and could barely contain himself before busting it open. I’m assuming that you must have told him to wait until he got home, because I have to tell you that not a second went by after walking in the door and that bag was open. He barely got off his shoes! Right away a huge bite (dirt and all) went into his mouth. “Mmmm. Good!” he said as he happily munched away like a little rabbit.

What I haven’t shared with you yet is the little incident that took place a short while ago. We’ll just refer to it as “the barfing incident” in which, before I made up my new rules, well..let’s just say he didn’t want to try the lettuce. Even his brother who won’t touch a french fry if it’s homemade asked him for a bite of his lettuce! Can you believe it? He even liked it!

I suppose having a school garden and growing something from seed really helped him want to try it, as I’ve heard a hundred times from all the experts. But really, all those things above, and this? Now that’s something.

So, I’d just like to say thanks.


The (Slightly Bitter) Mom Who Has Tried Everything And Failed

PS- are you also growing broccoli?


One thought on “To My Son’s Kindergarten Teacher: You Are a Miracle Worker

  1. LOL This is so cute! Shame my brother didn’t have the same teacher when he was young as he hates lettuce and other green leaves in the salad. There are tons of other things he did not like so it’s causing cooking a bit of challenge in the household!!! Let’s see… he hates pumpkin, kumara, tomatoes, silverbeet, asparagus and anything raw!! For fruits he only eats banana, watermelon and mandarins, hardly anything else… Oh and he hates cherries, which for me is extremely hard to comprehend because it is just delicious!!

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